Island Matters (IM) has been operating for three years and
has established itself as a reliable and reputable source of
news and events in South Padre Island. This is an impressive
achievement, especially considering that Island Matters was
created by a parent organization that had a negative
The founder, a volunteer board member, and a staff of two
had to overcome many challenges. They did so by providing
factual, credible, and independent articles about the island,
building a following on Facebook and Instagram, and
securing support from local businesses and property owners
who now make up the volunteer board of directors.
Today, Island Matters has grown to include a staff of three -
a reporter, an office manager, and a development manager
- as well as independent contract reporters.
South Padre Island is a unique and beautiful barrier island
that is in South Texas, bordering the Gulf of Mexico and the
country of Mexico.
It has ideal weather for most of the year and is conveniently
located near SpaceX and four international bridges, with
access to three airports within driving distance. The median
household income on the island is $83,000, and residents
have a median age of 55.

Island Matters has gained support from residents, tourists, and surrounding neighbors, as evidenced by our growing
numbers of subscribers.
As the only news source on the island, we are committed to providing reliable, credible, and independent journalism that
informs readers about what’s happening in South Padre Island.
Our unique position reinforces our commitment to our mission, ethics, and values, ensuring that our impact can be felt for
generations to come.
We aim to empower islanders to make informed decisions about the resort town they call home, and we are proud to be atrusted source of information for the community