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Island Matters is your source for South Padre Island News.  Our overarching vision for the City of South Padre Island is to have (1) 100% transparency in government and (2) a family-friendly environment for the Island.  When one looks around the world, except for the Disney cities, every great tourist destination was first a great place to live for its residents. Island Matters supports the City of South Padre Island attracting young families and building a strong economy for the Island that is robust all 12 months of the year.

Island Matters wants everyone who cares about our island, especially accountability on our island, to be a reader.  

As with any news organization, but especially with a non-profit news organization, there is a clear firewall between the organization's publishing (fundraising) side and the editorial side.  Island Matters will continue to be a facts-only source of accountability in local government with all editorial decisions made by island residents.

Our Strength is Our Membership!

As a non-profit, our Members are our primary donors.  Like any island non-profit, Island Matters depends on island residents and property owners to support government transparency and a family-friendly environment, by supporting hyper-local, fact-based, non-profit news.

All our coverage is determined by island residents and property owners.  Please support our efforts by being BOTH a subscriber (free) and a Member (donor).

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